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Développement Kodachrome40 et Kodachrome II Le développement couleur du Kodachrome II n'est plus possible depuis longtemps , pour le Kodachrome 40 ce n'est plus possible depuis le 31-12-2010. Ces 2 types de film sont développés maintenant en noir et blanc négatif.
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Sep 08, 2017 · Old enough to have served as a signifier of bygone nostalgia way back when Paul Simon wrote a song about it in 1973, Kodachrome color film was officially phased out at the end of the last decade ...
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Feb 28, 2015 · G'day all. From time to time I shoot vintage Kodak Kodachrome II, 25 and 40 Double 8 and Super 8 movie film made in the 60s, 70s and 80s and develop them in Caffenol C as B&W negatives and thought I'd share my experience and knowledge of it as it might be of value to some who want to shoot/develop this old film and know how to successfully make these films produce B&W pictures.
£45.50 PER 50 FOOT (15M) OF FILM + VAT (£54.60 INCL VAT) • Hand processing of vintage film emulsions incl Kodachrome, AgfaChrome & Ektachrome 160 • Note: Kodachrome can no longer be processed in colour. Results will be black & white and are very variable I do sometimes. The Kodachrome 25 was a beautiful film. Those slides look terrific today. Ah the Kodachrome colours! And then we have the 8 and 16 mm film. I miss going out with my Canon 1014 Autozoom (Canon’s top of the line super-8 camera in 1972, I think) on a sunny afternoon along with the tripod and coffee and sandwiches.
This would be Super 8mm film either Ektachrome or Kodachrome sound or silent film. You would see a portion of the film (brown film with sprockets...if it says "exposed" then the film is at the end of the roll and has been exposed and ready for processing.Sep 04, 2012 · On the movie film, the one on the left has been processed. It is double 8mm film, which has slit along the middle and spliced together to make 2 25-ft long films into one 50 ft film. This can be loaded into a regular 8mm or super 8 projector and projected. The other films have not been processed. They are most likely past expiration date.
Super 8: Introduced the Super 8 movie format with cartridge-loading KODACHROME II Film. The four-bulb flash debuts on KODAK INSTAMATIC Cameras: 1966: $4B: Combined sales of all Kodak units surpasses $4 billion, and Kodak employment exceeds 100,000. 1972: Instamatic 110: The KODAK 110 Film Cartridge is introduced. Please note there are some exceptions. Super Scan orders typically take 3-7 business days. Film shot in a non-standard format will take several extra days due to manual scanning. This includes APS / Advantix film developing, 110 film developing and 126 film format developing, mini-Diana’s, panoramic formats and sprocket hole rolls etc.
Most Processing done in 2 - 3 days or sooner, depending on the time film arrives, how much film we have or do not have, please call us for processing schedules. Most shipping orders will go out same day they are completed or the next day at the latest. Prep For Telecine $25.00 Minimum Charge.Kodachrome movie film can be developed as BW negative by the Film Photography Project. Results from developing old Kodachrome as BW may be very poor. Please see video below. A unique color positive film manufactured by Eastman Kodak in all formats (110, 35mm, 120, 620, 4x5, 8x10, Regular 8mm, Super 8 and 16mm) its legend lives on, and many contemporary photographers are eager to replicate its unique look. Oct 26, 2006 · On a music video I am shooting on my HVX200, there are a few sequences I wanted to shoot on Super 8 Kodachrome reversal. However though I have Super 8 gear (even old stock in the refrigerator) due to the very limited time constrains of the shoot and post I have got to do it all done on the HVX.
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